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About Us

CEO - Co-Founder

Sarah Kahn, Psy.D. is a catalyst. She creates and inspires change. Being aligned with the element of fire, she has found her passion and ability to manifest encourages the growth and healing of others. She illuminates areas that need attention, and transmutes and transforms challenges into opportunities for growth and awareness. Her love of and skill with shadow (aka the parts of us we would rather avoid) work has facilitated others’ becoming more empowered and authentic in their lives.

Dr. Sarah’s professional clinical psychology training was in Integrative Psychology, which is based on Integral Theory (a holistic model that incorporates all aspects of a person’s life). Because of this, she views things from a multifaceted and multidimensional perspective. She has an uncanny ability to take some of the most complex, seemingly unrelated things and deliver a comprehensive yet simple viewpoint and solution. Because she does not fear the darker aspects of humanity, her colleagues recognize her for utilizing creative methods to effectively work with chronic trauma and other complex issues.

Her empathic, creative nature, focused intensity, and warrior strength, courage, and precision helps Dr. Sarah cut to the core of any issue. She is strategic and skilled in areas of emotional healing and personal development. Plus, she has more than 15 years of experience in diving deep into the emotional landscape of others (yes, this means it began when she was a teenager).

One of Dr. Sarah’s core values is whole-self wellness, and because of her own research and experience, she is well-versed in many different healing modalities. With her love of personal development and holistic healing, it is her ultimate desire to foster a new way of being through shadow integration, masculine/feminine balance, holistic wellness, authentic expression, and spiritual engagement.

"When I shared my struggles with Dr. Kahn, she reflected back my difficulties in such an insightful way that everything just instantly clicked intellectually and emotionally. When she provided me with her heartfelt support, I felt a surge of peacefulness, relaxation, and connectedness throughout my body. It's as if my soul had been replenished and cared for, all thanks to Dr. Kahn’s insight. She is a true catalyst for the soul in one's life. I'm honored to know her and have her in this line of work due to her refreshing sense of integrity." - Dr. Edward De Anada


President - Co-Founder

Joseph Kahn is the embodiment of a mentor. No matter the topic area (and he’s well-versed in many), if he has knowledge, he wants to share it with you. He is a life-long learner and loves novelty, so when he engages with information, he does it in a way that he can then share it with others. His favorite moment is when he sees the lights go on in someone’s mind.

Joseph puts his whole self into the mentoring process; he not only delivers valuable information and training, but he also provides friendship and emotional support. He has more than 20 plus years experience in teaching, training, and mentoring others in the personal development space, including being the CIO/CTO for greats like Dr. John C. Maxwell and running Growing Giants small business mentoring program.

With multiple industry awards in music, marketing, business, and technology, Joseph is well-respected and valued for his impressive and eclectic knowledge and skill set. When he sets out to do something, those who know Joseph well know that he will go all in. Since he loves bringing the fun to any situation, not only will awards be won, but it will also be a blast in the process! All of his many highly-successful clients will vouch for his ability to deliver an incredible result and a heart-felt connection in the process.

One of the most important features of Joseph is his heart. He is constantly looking to improve someone’s day and provide a positive outlook (or a way out of a tough situation). He is a peacemaker at heart and loves all creatures, human as well as ones on the ground. Connection is one of his highest values. And he truly lives the belief that the world will be changed through LOVE.

"Joseph's stellar programs work to develop tomorrow's purposeful leaders from the inside out - resulting in strong leaders with the right tools to ensure they are ready for the complex and dynamic environment of business, technology and society!" -Helen Berg, CIO, IBM


Our WHY (Our story- written by Dr. Sarah):

Just like many of you, Joseph and I were both struggling in our lives; we were in failing relationships, unfulfilled in our work, and unsure of what to do. Seeking clarity, tools, and a new outlook, we joined an online personal development group, which is where we met. Unfortunately, we did not get what we needed. So, we decided to draw upon our combined education, training, and experience to collaborate and see if we could work together, get to the root of the problem, and come up with a solution.

As it happens, our connection was undeniable. Plus, our abilities, strengths, and temperaments blended in perfect harmony: emotion and logic, fire and heart, shadow and light, etc. When Joseph and I dove deeper into the problems we were seeing, we began recognizing that people were essentially craving streamlined, more-effective solutions, deeper connections, and more authentic leaders. We also began to notice that the personal development (and business fields) have some major problems that need to be addressed in order to make it safer, more effective, and deliver better, more sustainable results for everyone involved.

Joseph is a jack-of-all-trades, an innovator in many fields (marketing, business, leadership, music, and more), and an avid consumer of personal development and leadership programs. He recognized the need for a clear and systematic approach, with a lot of support for integration. My specialty is in working with the shadow and complex trauma, from an integrative perspective, and I also have extensive experience in creating, facilitating, and participating in personal development programs. In reflecting on my observations and experiences of personal development, I highlighted the unconscious latent trauma and emotional injuries received, as well as the need for an inclusive, balanced, holistic, and sustainable model.

In creating a new, cutting edge, more effective personal development system, we recognized that we needed a simple, holistic framework that helps people improve success in ALL AREAS of their lives. After more than a year's worth of collaboration, research, integration, and testing, we formulated the Life Detox protocol and the Life Detox Foundational Course, which create rapid results in areas of personal growth and development, health, relationships, wellness, and spiritual connection.



It is our mission to spread love, wellness, and authentic, heart-centered connection throughout the world by sharing the Life Detox Protocol and the Life Detox Foundational Course. We want you to live your best, most fulfilling, life and achieve incredible success!


The Life Detox Protocol:

We created a holistic system of personal growth that addresses all areas of self (body, mind, emotions, and conscious) and follows the developmental flow of life. It helps you become a better you; be happier, healthier, more effective and successful in all that you do.

The Life Detox Protocol (LDP) is designed to help you clarify what's going on, recognize where it came from, and become free from maladaptive habits, ineffective thought patterns, and social conditioning. Use the fire to burn away all that doesn’t serve your health, happiness, or authentic expression.

As a way to facilitate your Life Detox, our LDP acts as a holistic diagnostic tool and is the foundation of what we do. While it may appear to be simple, the LDP is actually incredibly deep and incorporates many different theoretical models. It is a part of our "secret sauce" recipe, so join us to learn more! 


Success requires cleaning out and detoxing everything that is not helping you achieve your goals. It begins with you. Put yourself and your own happiness first: Begin your Life Detox today!


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