Finally Put an End to Self-Sabotage with this New Life-Altering Course from the Life Detox Institute!

COURSE 01: The 3 Simple Ways to Finally Eliminate Self-Sabotage.


Spoiler alert: we all self-sabotage! It’s part of the human condition.

However, have you ever thought about why you self sabotage? How it works? Why it keeps you stuck?

How might your life change if you understood why you procrastinated, set yourself up for failure, set up unrealistic expectations, went with the lesser option (knowing full well that you needed the upgraded one)?

Well, we’ve been contemplating the same thing...

See, after hearing stories left and right from people who just couldn’t get started... plus weeding through the mess that our lives became despite doing “all the right things” (you can read more of our story below), we formulated a protocol that helped us identify and heal the toxic patterns that had been running our lives. And it’s powerful.

The Life Detox™ Protocol saved our lives and it’s been helping transform the lives of others as well, in our Life Detox™ Foundation Course.

However, even though we had an amazing system that worked well, there was still a piece missing!

Something was lurking and kept pulling us down... can you relate?

Everything is going well and then suddenly, bam... it all crumbles before you- with no explanation?!

Well, guess what what that was?


Because we have been determined to figure out what’s been going on and why people keep getting stuck (spending more than 1.5 years dedicated solely to that)....we also needed to dive deep into what self sabotage is and where it comes from.

See, it’s built into the fabric of our beings... because it’s way more complicated than we might think of. People talk about self- sabotage being about beliefs... and yes, that’s part of it! But there’s more the to story and we want to unpack that for you.

You deserve to understand the pattern that takes your control away from you.

You deserve to have the power to change it.

And that comes with information! Knowledge is power, after all! ;)

It’s why we wanted to give this mini course away for FREE! Because after putting it all together, we realized self-sabotage is where everyone needed to start from. 

And because of that, it’s the precursor to all our other courses.

That way, instead of self-sabotage sneaking up behind you days, weeks, or months down the road... you can tackle it from the beginning! 

No more sneak attacks!

So what will you learn?

The three systems that make you you. And how self-sabotage sneaks in them...

It also gives you the revolutionary new model from which we work from. We’ve taken the complexity of life and simplified it down into easy-to-identify areas so that you can be in the driver's seat of life.

No more letting self-sabotage rule over you!

It’s time to peel back the layers and see what’s going on in that self-sabotage of yours...

It's a quick and easy course that gives you all the basics to take back control of your life! 

The course layout: your 3 Systems
(and how self-sabotage comes into play)

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Learning 01 - Your Belief System

Deep inside you are forces that were put there long before you were born and also were discovered and adopted along the way. We are going to look at your beliefs in depth to see if we can't catch a "energy thief" somewhere in there! Join us!

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Learning 02 - Your Operating System

Just like a computer, humans are made up of hardware, software, and data. We are going to lay it all out for you so that you understand where, how, and why your self-sabotage patterns continue to rule your life...and how to change it! 

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Learning 03 - Your Connection System

We do not live in a vacuum, which means our environment plays a large role in how we acquire and maintain our self-sabotage patterns. We will bring it all together so you can see the bigger picture and learn the key to shift it once and for all! 


Your Instructors:

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Dr. Sarah Kahn, CEO

A Doctor of Clinical Psychology, with holistic training, offers a deeper look into how detoxification needs to be addressed on all levels. One of Dr. Sarah's core values is whole-self wellness, so she illuminates areas that need attention and transmutes and transforms challenges into opportunities for growth.

Personal impact: Freedom from
abusive and toxic relationships!

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Joseph Kahn, President

An award-winning business and leadership expert and "jack-of all trades" brings ease and clarity to facilitation of the Life Detox Process. Joseph puts his whole self into the mentoring process; he not only delivers valuable information and training, but he also provides friendship and emotional support.

Personal impact: Lost 100 lbs!
(went from 248 lbs to 148 lbs)